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Word Tutorial Links @ OOPS

Shelly Cashman Office XP Exercises and Lessons


Creating Your Job Resume

Self-Paced Tutorial

Word Templates

Word Templates II

Creating a Document

Comic Strip Assignment

Flyer Assignment

Brochure Maker

Brochure Template

Fractions/Decimals/Percents Template

Story Template

Toolbar Games

Formatting Icons

Using MS Word in the Classroom (includes Excel and ppt)

Teacher-Created MS Word Templates

Making a Name Acrostic in MS Word


Shelly Cashman Office XP

Spreadsheet Basics

Excel Basics

Excel Tutorial

Spreadsheet Webquest

Excel Templates from BrainyBetty

Spreadsheet Data Classroom Activity

Spreadsheet Thinkquest Unit


Graphs Online

Data for Excel Spreadsheets and Excel Charts
Graphics Links

Spreadsheet/Graphing/Database Activities

All About Spreadsheets

Probability and Spreadsheets

Family Budgeting and Spreadsheets

Multiplication Tables Using Excel

Spreadsheets: a Variety of Activities

Excel Review


Floral Shop Simulation

Powerpoint Trading Card Template

Shelly Cashman Office XP Exercises and Lessons

Powerpoint Tutorial

Powerpoint Tutorial from Actden

Jeopardy Games Across the Curriculum

Jeopardy Template

Jeopardy Template

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Template

Animated Stories Using Powerpoint

Presentation Backgrounds

Powerpoint Templates


PowerPoint Activities and Tutorial

PowerPoint Activities

Powerpoint Games and Interactive Activities

Powerpoint Ideas

More Powerpoint Ideas

Powerpoint Links for Teachers

Powerpoint Handout

Powerpoint in the Classroom


Accessible Access

Access Defined

Shelly Cashman Office XP

Access 2000 Tutorial

Exploring MS Access

Access Student Games

Access Student Games II

Creative Uses of Access in the Classroom

“Buying a Dream Car” Microsoft Activity

Spreadsheet/Graphing/Database Activities

Access Fundamentals

Access Tips and Tricks

Database Vocabulary

Access Databases and Fairy Tales

Democracy Project (can also be used with Excel)

CD Database Lesson Plan from Microsoft

Creating a Database for Africa

Tour of Europe Database

Inventions Database Data

Access Pre-Test Survey

Access Post-Test Survey






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