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"Formula for Success: Underpromise; Overdeliver" Tom Peters
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Guarding Against Internet Fraud
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3PLUSU, Rights in the Workplace
Accounting Cycle Mindmap
Ask An Expert Website Collection
(So, You Want to Learn) Bookkeeping
Business Letters Webquest
(Ultimate) Business Plan
Census Data
Child Labor Law Activity
Child Labor Quiz
Computer History
Computer Nerd Challenge Board
Computer Scavenger Hunts (not just for MacIntosh)
(Basic) Computer Vocabulary
Consumer Jungle
Don't Buy It (PBS Kids)
Dow for Dummies
Federal Hourly Minimum Wage
Fortune Magazine Online, Check Stock Prices
Games Economists Play {no computer needed}
Graphs Online: N.C.E.S.
Graphics Links
HTML Tutorial
Home Improvement Toolbox
"How Do Others Perceive You?" Online Activity
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Internet Safety Game
KRBC 9 News: Does It Work?
Keyboarding Speed & Accuracy Program
Law Famous Trials
Law Guide Online
Legal: People's Vote
Legal Information Institute
"Living On Your Own" Quiz
"Living Within Your Means" Webquest
Medicine and Madison Avenue
Powerful Powerpoint Activities
Preparing the Resume
Shelley Cashman Office XP Online
Spreadsheets in the Classroom
Statistical Sites on the Web
Stock Market Basics
Stock Market Lesson Plan
Wall Street Journal Career Section
WebQuest for Search Activities
Workplace Safety Student Projects
Workplace Vocabulary
Define the right outcomes then let each person find their own route toward those outcomes   Marcus Buckingham in First, Break All the Rules
ABC Careers
Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Information
Guess Who Job Rhymes
Best Companies to Work For
50 Worst Jobs Than Yours
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Career Builder
Career Clusters
Career Cluster Hangman
Career Cluster Connections
Career Interest Survey
Careers in Texas
Career Voyages
Career Wheel
College and Career Quest Exercise
Cosmetology Career Guide
Culinary Arts and Food Science Careers
Cuisine of the United States
Entrepreneurship Webquest
Farmer's Many Hats
Health and Science Careers
Interview Questions
Job Search
Job Trak
Job Search Engine
Mapping Your Future
(The) Monster Board
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Virtual Interview
Vocational Information Center
Wall Street Journal Career Section
"What Color is Your Parachute?" 
The Write Stuff to Get A Job

"People Don't Choose Their Careers; They are Engulfed by Them" John Dos Passos.
Healthy Food Checklist
Child Care Links
Child Development, First Five Years
Child Development Resources
Child Development and Parenting
Child Development Stages and Parenting Resources
Consumer Jungle
Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Network
Do-It-Yourself Online
Family Education
Fast-Food Calorie Counter
Fast Food Fact Explorer
Food Pyramid
Head Start Information
Healthy Eating for a Lifetime
Healthy Food Choices, 1
Healthy Food Choices, 2
Healthy Food Choices, 3
Home Economics Archive
Home Economics Resources
Home Economics Resources~More!
How Everyday Things Are Made
House Plans and Blueprints
"Living On Your Own" Quiz
"Living Within Your Means" Webquest
Practical Money Skills for Life

Excel Tip
Windows and Office
Internet Resources for Teachers: Very comprehensive and easily displayed
ITS Connection: Created by Texas Information Technology Educators
Digital Cameras
E-Learning Guru
E-Z Instructions
Electric Teacher
FreeSkills:Freeskills.com provides hundreds of free online IT tutorials.
Learning Electric
Learning Space Tutorials
Mary's MS Word Page
MS Office Links
PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
Scanning Instructions
"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
Conrad Hilton

See also our page for Computer-related Resources: http://oops.bizland.com/search.htm
Computer Applications Introduction
       {This site is a 30 hour course on computer applications for grade 9, but the password to the teachers page is vdog61}
Presentation Ideas

Acceptable Use Policies

Blue Web’n Library
Business Education Hotlist
Business English Hotlist
Business and Finance Resources
Business Lesson Plans by a Tonya Skinner
Business Education Lesson Plans
CATE Resources
Career Research: To Teachers Only
Community Service Projects
Community Service Projects, 2
Consumer Jungle: Middle --> High school. Many printable actitivies.
Educational Dividends, Business/School Partnerships
Educational Technology and Handheld Computers
Electric Teacher
Electronic-School-The School Technology Authority
Famous Trials
From Now On  (See the "Tech Top Ten" Link)
Gateway to Educational Materials
Glencoe Online
Graphics for Projects
How Can Technology Help with your curriculum?
Intel Corporation: See"The Journey" link for free curriculum materials
International Business Forum
Instructional Technology Resources
Jeopardy Template
Kiplinger Report:
Saving and Investing: StrongKids features calculators & quizzes:
Schrockguide for Vocational Resources
Technology and Literacy
Teaching Matters, Inc.
Technology Resources from The Coo
Tech-Teacher Resources
Technology Timesavers
Tech Web-The IT Network
Texas TEKS
Vocational Education Resources
When High Schools Put Teens to Work

National Business Education Assoc.

"One worthwhile task carried to a successful conclusion is better than 50 half-finished tasks."       B. C. Forbes
"Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?"  Ray Kroc

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