OOPS: Classroom Activities Using Inspiration
Summarize Story or Poem
Write Post Cards from Main Character’s POV
Flashcards: Phonics, Vocabulary 
Illustrate Setting of a Story 
Create and Describe Patterns 
Creative Writing Shape Poems
Plot summary of Story Events
Create a Timeline of Events in History or in Story 
Design Bookmarks Related to Story 
Design Awards for Characters 
Create Cliff Notes for a Story or Book or Chapter
Highlight Special Events in a Story 
Respond to a Book and Share with Another Class 
Compose a Rebus Story 
Choose Your Own Adventure
Draw a Self-portrait with Descriptive Captions
Illustrated Fractions and Math Story Problems
Wanted Poster of Main Character 
Design a "Story License Plate"
Design a "Story Quilt" 
Create a Connect-the-dot Activity Related the Reading 
Create Comic Strips 
Illustrate important symbols or objects from the story 
Outline the Plot of a Story  
Design a Puzzle for a Story Setting: Print, Laminate, 
Design Invitations or Letterhead Related to Story 
Character Obstacles and Solutions
Branches of the US Government
The Food Chain
The Inspiration Website
Graphic dot Org
High School Inspiration Samples 
Samples of Inspiration in the Classroom, Middle School and High School
 Inspiration Templates
Inspire Students With Inspiration 
Teachers Using Inspiration
Inspiration Projects
Reading Lady: http://readinglady.com/
Writing: Instructional Philosophy  
·  The Writing Process 
·  Supporting and Managing the Writing Process 
·  Responding to Writing 
·  Assessment and Evaluation of Writing 
·  The Writing Classroom 
·  Writing Conferences and Reading Conferences 
·  Storytelling 
·  Oral Reading 
·  Oral Reports 
·  Directions 
·  Telephoning 
·  Announcements 
·  Interest Talk 
·  Introducing a Speaker 
·  Thanking a Speaker 
·  Choral Reading or Speaking 
·  Puppetry 
·  Role Play 
·  Improvisational Drama and Pantomime 
·  Drama in Context 
·  Readers Theatre 
·  Presenting a Play: Drama for an Audience 
·  Audio and Video Recording Activities 
·  Interviews 
·  Informal Debate 
·  Meetings 
·  Co-operative Learning 
Reading: Instructional Philosophy 
·  The Reading Classroom 
·  The Reading Process 
·  Supporting and Managing the Reading Process 
·  Responding to Reading 
·  Assessment and Evaluation of Reading 
Integrated Language Study 
·  Mini-lessons 
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