"Cherishing Children is the mark of a Civilized Society."  Joan Ganz Cooney

Special education refers to the education of students with some form of disability. Some of these disabilities include behavioral disorders, communication challenges, developmental disabilities, emotional disorders, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities. As such, the education of special students requires specialized teaching methods and programs. Here are some special education resources for both parents and educators.

SEN Teacher provides cost-free teaching & learning resources for students with special needs and learning disabilities. Many resources here may also be of use to educators of primary and elementary students.

The Teacher's Guide, Special Education Resources

Effective Ways to Modify Lessons

Special Education Resources on the Internet: SERI

Special Ed *dot* Net

Curry School Resources (UVa) 

Internet Special Education Resources

Parent Pals

Misunderstood Minds (PBS)

Autism Speaks

TinSnips, Special Education Resources for Autism

Have Dreams: Interactive learning materials for children with special needs.

Learning Braille Under games, students can see what their name looks like in braille,
or figure out words with a braille alphabet.

Audio Books for students who are visually impaired or dyslexic

Alliance for Technology Access

Center for Applied Special Technology Promotes "universal design" technology. Includes detailed reviews of several software products.

Closing the Gap  This site features a searchable database for assistive technology

Learning Difficulties, An Overview

LD Online

National Center for Learning Disabilities

National Lekotek Center Lekotek provides access to toys and technology chosen for children with special needs.

Parent's Guide to I. E. P.'s  pdf file A step-by-step explanation of what to consider & expect from an individual education plan (IEP) 

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