Quirky Fact: Einstein needed 10 hours of sleep per night to function; 12 hours of sleep if he was going to work on physics! http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/einstein/

Science and the Net: A Natural Partnership

Online Experiment Form:   PDF Form

Joanne Loves Science
Science News for Kids

Video Channels and Resources:
Bright Storm's YouTube channel offers video lessons for biology, chemistry, and physics
Crash Course channel on YouTube includes courses in chemistry, ecology, and biology
Interactive Biology videos, quizzes, and study guides for biology students
Interactive Biology YouTube channel with  ten multiple choice quizzes based on information in the videos and study guides
Gooru is a service that aims to provide teachers and students with an extensive collection of videos, interactive displays, documents, diagrams, and quizzes for learning about topics in math and science
Learners TV has organized hundreds of academic videos and science animations on Learners TV organized into biology, physics, and chemistry
MIT Engineering K-12, twenty-six videos in which MIT students explain and demonstrate things like gas pressure, gravity, Boyle's Law, and the shape of sound waves.
MIT Physics Demonstrations is a playlist of 44 short demonstrations
MIT Tech TV is a collection of thousands videos covering topics in engineering, education, science, the humanities, etc...
NASA eClips organized according to grade level with playlists intended for K-12
ScienceFix is the blog and YouTube channel of middle school science teacher Darren Fix, over 100 videos demonstrating various science experiments, demonstrations, and middle school science lessons
PBS Kids: DragonFly TV

Animals: Audobon Sociey Field Guides
Animals: Build the Virtual Frog
Animals: Critter Cam
Animals: Desert Animals
Animals: Living Things
Animals: Rainforest Animals
Animals: Ranger Rick’s Kid Zone
Animals: Wildlife Research Center

Astronomy: Astronaut Photography of Earth
Astronomy: Astronomy Center
Images, research
Astronomy: Aurora

Astronomy: Cassini Jupiter Fly-By Page
Astronomy: Cool Cosmos
Astronomy: Design A Satellite
Astronomy: Earth's Seasonal Changes
Astronomy: Exploring Space from PBS
Astronomy: Hubble Site Gallery
Astronomy: Imagine the Universe
Astronomy: Live from Mars, THEMIS
Astronomy: Mars Now
Astronomy: Moon Names
Astronomy: The Moon's Phase  
What the Moon Looked Like on Your Birthday
Astronomy: NASA For Kids
Astronomy: NASA Image of the Day
Astronomy: NASA Quest
Astronomy: NOVA, The Elegant Universe
Astronomy: Solar System Scope Movie
Astronomy: Solar System Webquest
Astronomy: StarChild Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Astronomy: Sun Pictures
Astronomy: 10th Planet
Astronomy: Visible Earth
Astronomy: Windows to the Universe
Astronomy: Your Sky
Astronomy: Your Weight on Other Planets

Biology: AstroBiology
Biology: Biology4Kids!
Biology: Biology in Motion
Biology: Cells Alive!
Biology: DNA Tube Videos
Biology: Nobel Prize Educational Games (See Blood Typing Game)
Biology: Organelles, a Prezi by Wynnie Montana
Biology: Plant Identification: By Leaf, By Fruit, By Tree
Biology: Plants of the Desert
Biology: Plants/Marine Life/Algae
Biology: Plants: The Great Plant Escape
Biology: Plants of the Grassland
Biology: Plants: The Seedy Side

Chemistry: Creative Chemistry
Chemistry: Radioactivity
Chemistry Tutorials

Earth Science: Atmospheric Optics
Earth Science: Build-a-Fish from Shedd Aquarium

Earth Science: Earth Calendar
Earth Science: Earth from Space, short movie
Earth Science: Earth Observatory, NASA
Earth Science: Earth's Seasonal Changes
Early Science: Fall Leaves Foray
NOTE: If your school filter blocks the address above, try these links instead:
Earth Science: Fall Leaves
Earth Science: Fall Foliage in the US
Earth Science: Fall Leaves: Why Do They Change Color?
Scavenger Hunt 
Earth Science: Grand Canyon from the World Wonders Project
Earth Science: iNaturalist.org

Earth Science: KidsGardening
Earth Science Lessons, (click to close the ad that appears)
Earth Science: Living Things
Earth Science: Migration, Journey North
Earth Science: Names of the Moon
Earth Science; NASA, The Blue Marble
Earth Science: NASA Image of the Day
Earth Science: Ocean World
Earth Science: Ology (American Museum of Natural History)
Earth Science: Planet in Action
Earth Science: Ranger Rick’s Kid Zone 
Earth Science: Ocean through Literature
Earth Science: Visible Earth
Earth Science: Volcanoes and How They Work


Engineer Girl

Energy Review Game
Energy: Scavenger Hunts

Environment: BioDiversity Counts
Environment: Calculating a BioDiversity Index
Environment: Nat'l Institute Environmental Health Sciences Kids’ Page
Environment: Environmental Inquiry 
Environment: Nat'l Resource Conservation Service
Over 3000 images and photos of animals, conservation, natural resources, etc...
Environment: Plant Diversity
Environment: Plant Ecology

Forensic Science: Visible Proofs
Forensic Science:
Who Dunnit?: Explore forensic science, K-8

Health: Dealing with Emergencies
Health: Effects of Drugs

Human Body: Anatomia  Interactive activities, label skeleton
Human Body: Anatomy Lab
Human Body: Artificial Anatomy: Paper Mache Anatomical Models

Human Body: Anatomy Online
Human Body: Atlas of the Body
Human Body: Beyond Discovery: The Path from Research to Human Benefit
Human Body: Brain Interactive Tour
Human Body: Brain Metaphors
Human Body: BBC Science
Human Body: Calculate Your B.M.I.
Human Body: DNA Interactive
Human Body: Health Tutorials
Human Body: MedTropolis Build a Virtual Skelton
Human Body: Medicine and Madison Avenue
Human Body: Neuroscience for Kids
Human Body: Senses Challenge

Invention At Play

Light is Amazing! Scavenger Hunt
Light: 5th Grade Resources
Light: Question and Answer Activity
Light: ROYGBIV Color Spectrum Double Rainbow Picture

Mad Science Network
Matter: Strange Matter

Measurement: Go, the Distance!

Microscopes: Compound Microscope
Microscopes: Molecular Expressions

Microscope: Virtual Microscope

New Scientist

Newton's Laws: Cartalk (takes a few seconds to load)

Newton's Laws: Classroom Activity
Newton's Laws: Content Powerpoint (takes a few seconds to load)
Newton's Laws: NASA Computer Drawing
Newton's Second Law: Content Background
Newton's Second Law: More Content Background
Newton's Second Law: Lesson Plan and Content
Newton's Laws: Simulation- Air Track Glider
Newton's Laws: Thinkquest
Newton's Laws: Wikipedia

Nutrition: Fast Food Frenzy

PBS Kids: DragonFly TV
Periodic Table: ChemCool Includes Group #'s
Periodic Table: Comic Book
Periodic Table: (The) Element Flash Card Game
Periodic Table: Interactive

(Visual) Periodic Table of Elements

Photography Periodic Table of Elements

Physical Science: HowStuffWorks

Physics: Amusement Park Physics
Physics Classroom
Physics: Fear of Physics
Physics: Flash Animations--More!
Physics Movies
Physics Quest

Plant Identification: By Leaf, By Fruit, By Tree
Plants of the Desert
Plants/Marine Life/Algae
Plants: The Great Plant Escape
Plants of the Grassland
Plants: The Seedy Side

Science Standards from New York State

Science: FOSSWeb NYC

Science Lesson Plans, K-5

Science: SCIRUS: Scientific Information Search Engine

Science: ASPIRE Lesson Plans on Force, Motion, Space, etc...

Science: ClipArt
Science Coloring Book
Science Daily Magazine
Science: Exploratorium: Over 650 interactive exhibits about science, nature, art, technology.
Science: Extreme Science
Science: Fifth Grade Resources
Science For the Millennium

Science: Franklin Institute Science Museum
Science: Live Science
Science: MIT Open Courseware
Science: MarcoPolo Education Foundation, Lesson Plans
Science: National Geographic
Science: National Science Digital Library

Science Practice Tests, State of Virginia



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