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     *Weather Scope

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Project Ideas:
Packing List for Everest climb~Brenda,
Balloon race with balloon models~Eileen,
Actually simulate the cold of Everest by actually going
outside on a cold day, pack your supplies~Carolyn,
Moon study/make your own Lunar rover~JulieAnn,
Zoo study with virtual tour of another zoo in the
world/compare and contrast the two zoos~Lupe,
 Cold or Exposure/interviews with individuals
 who have experienced cold and altitude~Lucy,
Farm unit, take a virtual field tirp and actual
 trip/measure/time/temp/collect observations
 in scrapbook or log~Toni
Bees Unit, non-verbal movements reflecting
bee movement~Debbie, decide which animals can
survive in the desert visit virtual zoo’s, and
investigations~Sandy, dinosaurs in Texas-Margaret
-A new planet has been discovered beyond Pluto,
 in another solar system.  Scientists are studying it to
see if it is habitable.  What would need to be on the
planet in order for people to live there?  (Is there soil?  If not, would we need to bring fertilizer?  A water source?  Or would we need to make our own greenhouse and make our own source of rain? Etc. etc.)-Lydia
Unit on Dinosaurs-  Virtual Field Trip to explore excavations
 of fossils and museums-create fossils-Bea
Students are given a budget and must view ads to
decide which house they’d like to buy
 (why do they cost different amounts in different parts of town?)
OR buy a car (what features does this SUV have that others don’t)
 Point: getting the best deal for your money-Heather
El Paso can get very windy, build a model of a
house using various materials and determine what
kind of building materials will better withstand windy conditions
Design a menu for a healthy eating restaurant.-R. Miller

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