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Our Overnight Planning System Speaker Introduction

            Proving that booting up is not hard to do, OOPS: Our Overnight Planning System is the collaborative result of innovative efforts to provide encouragement, ideas, and staff development for colleagues in public and private school classrooms.

            Helen Teague is a 4th generation native Californian. She holds Master of Education and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees. Helen earned post-graduate certifications in English, Business, Gifted all levels, Vocational education, and School Administration. Helen taught students in public and private school in California and Texas full-time for 15 years. She has received two AISD {Abilene Independent School District} Innovative Teaching Grants, and curriculum grants from the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented (TAGT) and the Texas Business Educators’ Association (TBEA).  She was named Carole Vermillion Scholar by TCEA


            She is a frequent contributing speaker and writer across the country for school districts, Classroom Connect, Texas Education Agency, and NECC. She is a member of the Texas Computer Educators' Association, Texas Association for Gifted and Talented (TAGT). Her work has also been published in Connected Newsletter, TechEdge, Insight of the Day, Tempo, and Teaching Business Education. Her most recent job assignment was wardrobe consultant for her college-aged daughter's first year of teaching.

            After sitting side-by-side all semester in a graduate class Helen Teague and Mary White finally looked up from their laptop video games and met.  They struck an instant rapport and have been educational comrades ever since.


            Mary White is a 30-year teaching veteran now living in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Before moving to Oklahoma she was the Technology Director for the Tuscola, Texas School District. She is a Nationally Certified Educator. She has also achieved accolades as the Region XIV Teacher of the Year and the Texas Association of Gifted & Talented Teacher of the Year. Mary holds certifications in Elementary Education, Reading Specialist, and a Master of Education degree in Gifted Education. Mary teaches the Technology in Education course at Northeastern State University of Oklahoma while fulfilling fulltime teaching duties as the K-8 gifted coordinator in the Ft Gibson school district in Oklahoma.


            Helen began OOPS: Our Overnight Planning System ten years ago while waiting for tech support to arrive. The mission of OOPS is to equip educators with Just-In-Time strategies and solutions for the myriad of demands placed on them every year. Staff development “Funshops” offer the latest research-based theory and practice in technology, core-curriculum instruction, CATE, reading instruction, GT update, and at-risk strategies. Funshops may be half-day, full-day, multi-day, whole-group, cooperative teams, or classroom lesson demonstration.


            The OOPS  website at, draws over 100,000 "hits" per month from educators who find activities, resources, tips, and encouragement from colleagues who want to challenge kids everyday to achieve their personal best.


            OOPS has a consortium of over 15 educational associates to make team training visits a reality for many school districts. Technical and business support arranged from Vicente Agor in San Francisco and Willie Cumming in Santa Monica, California. Please contact us so that we may work together to create a life-long learning reality.



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