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Whether you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes, there is always an inquiry-oriented

 activity waiting for you on the World Wide Web!


Time Available

Activity Suggestion

Tech-Based Activity

 5 Minutes

1 Site, 1 Question, 1 Answer

Main Idea, Sponge Activity,

Online Journal Prompts


Drill and Practice

Today!   Picture of the Day

Mystery Photo 

Survey Says

Online Map

Counting Practice

Grammar Gorillas

Online Etch-A-Sketch

10 Minutes

1 Site, Multi Question & Answer

“Most Important Book”

Interpret Graphs,  KWL

Draw Logical Conclusions

Workplace Vocabulary

Mad Math Minutes

Wacky Tales

Tessellation Creation

Salary Calculator

Keyboarding Test

How Others Perceive You

15 Minutes

Venn Diagram


Quote Journal or SlideShow

Multimedia Instruction


Venn Diagram

Timeline Creator (scroll down the pg)

Memory Solitaire

Logo Game

See and Solve Mysteries

Listen to a Speech

Listen to a Story

20 -25 Minutes

Scavenger Hunts

Online Research

Team Collaboration

Online Quizzes or Review

Mystery Unit

Pyramid Knowledge Quiz

Scavenger Hunt

Colonial Times Activities


Computer Nerd Challenge

Net Pay vs. Gross Pay

30-45 Minutes

Interactive Learning Modules

Online Research

Trail & Error Experiments

Virtual Field Trips

Internet Investigations

Search Engine Scavenger Hunt

Web Rangers Activities

Floral Shop Simulation

Virtual Field Trips

Income Tax Clouds

50-65 Minutes

Independent Research/Analysis

Scavenger Hunt Investigations

Creative Writing/Poetry

Independent Study

Self-Test Practice

Student Compositions

Student Webpages

Phonics Review

Front Page Analysis


Choose the Story Ending

Spreadsheet Scavenger Hunt

Inspiration(al) Poetry Sample

Webpage Scavenger Hunt







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