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100 Photographs That Changed the World
About Government
Active Citizenship
Aerial Views: MSN TerraServer
African-American History
Alexander Hamilton
America 1700’s Documents
America's Visionaries
American Biography
American Century, View from New England
American Culture History
American Dreams through the Decades
American History
American Memory
American Notes: Travels in America
(The) American President
American Presidents
American Presidency Project
American Presidency
American Radio Works: President Is Calling
American Rhetoric
American South
American West
Animated Atlas: Growth of a Nation
Antietam on the Web
Atlas of 20th Century
Atlas of the US
Awesome Stories
Ben's Guide to the Gov't for Kids
Biography Of The Millennium
Boston Freedom Trail
CNN Student News
California State Historical Landmarks
Century Documents Project
Children's Literature and History
Cinco de Mayo Webquest
Civil War
Civil War Battlefields 
Civil War Center 
Civil War Family Ancestry
Civil War Gazette
Civil War, Ken Burns
Civil War Letters
Civil War in Miniature
Civil War @ Smithsonian
Civil War Timeline of Battles
(The) Cold War
Colonial Hall
Colonial Webquest
Colony Williamsburg
Congress for Kids
Constitution Center for Kids
Days of Infamy
"Dear America" Book Series
Declaration of Independence Interpreting
Declaring Independence
Documents of U.S. Democracy
Federal Court Concepts
(Frederick) Douglass
Early America.com 
Economics for Tomorrow
Economics America 

Educators' Reference Desk Lesson Plans
Everyday American History
Explore D.C.
Exploration Unit
Exworthy's History Resources
Federal Reserve Bank
Fifty States
Firstgov for Kids
Freedom: A History of Us
Freedom’s Nest Quotes
Frontpages of World Newspapers
5th Gr. History Resources
Find Law
Geography of the US Test
Great Depression
Herstory, History Online
Historical Documents
Historically Significant Film Trailers
Historical Resources, Extensive
Historical Resources Sites
History Television
Historical Text Archives
Historical Treasure Chests
History and Politics Outloud
History (Best) Websites
History Buff
History Channel
History Detectives
(The) History Hub
History Matters
History Place
History Resources, K-5
Houghton-Mifflin Social Studies, K-8
Hyper History Online
HyperWar U.S. Army in World War II
Hyperwars:Hypertext History WWII

Stock Exchanges:
New York Stock Exchange
Nasdaq Stock Market
American Stock Exchange
Pacific Exchange 
OTC Bulletin Board stocks not on exchanges

Industrial Revolution
Interactive Santa Fe Trail (SFT)
Legal Information
Lewis & Clark
Liberty Perspectives
Library of Congress 
Lincoln Gallery
Look Who's Footing the Bill! 
MSN TerraServer
Maps by Microsoft
Maps: Columbus to Lewis & Clark
Maps Created Online
(Graphic) Maps
Map Machine
Maps that Teach
Media Coverage of History
Military History
Money: Electric Money
Monticello Podcasts
Mountain Voices
Mr. Donn's History Page
Mrs. G's 8th Grade History Page
My Hero
Nations of the World
National Archive Records
National Atlas
National History Day Resources
New Mexico History Resources
New York Public Library Digital Library
Our Documents
OOPS Website: http://4oops.com
Pearl Harbor
People of the Millennium Crossword Puzzle
Philosophy Slam
Political Figures
Politics: All Things Political
Postcards From

Presidents, Wayback Secret History
Presidential Timeline
Project Gutenberg
Reading Quest: Social Studies Websites
Revolutionary War Unit and Quizzes
Revolutionary War Timeline
Revolutionary War Critical Thinking Lesson
Revolutionary War Battlefields

Revolution to Reconstruction
Revolutionary War Game
Revolutionary War and Literature
Ronald Reagan Biography
Salary Calculator
San Francisco History
Scavenger Hunts by
Cindy O'Hara
September 11 from TeacherVision
September 11 Digital Archive
Slavery, Voices from the Day
Smithsonian for Kids
Social Studies Central
Social Studies for Kids
Social Studies Games, Elementary
Spartacus Educational
Speech Bank
State of the Union Addresses
Stories in Time
Supreme Court Case Audio Files: Oyez
Talking History
Teaching with Historical Places: Places, Teach
Texas Beyond History
Texas History Resources
This Nation
Thomas Legislative Information
Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad: Harriet Tubman
US Historical Census 1790-1960
US Historical Documents
U.S. Census Quick Facts
U.S. Interactive Climate Pages
U.S. Population
Using Oral History
Virtual Field Trips
Votes Database
WebCam for Kids
Why Do Civilizations Fall? 
Women in History: Herstory
Women in History
Women's History and Culture
World History Resources
World Newspaper Frontpages
World's Smallest Political Quiz
World War II, Children Of
World War II
World War II Oral History Web Site
Young Investor Monthly
Your Mission, The Last Mission, 4th Grade

Historical Events Scavenger Hunt:
Archaeology Virtual Field Trip:
Historical Events Hotlist:
Anthropology Hotlist:
Archaeology Webquest:
Anthropology Interview Project:

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