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  "But if he is a gifted child--one in a hundred--he has to know 100 other boys to find
one like himself, and half the time the hundreth child is a girl and he's sunk."

 "There are 40 different cognitive 'thinking' skills that all students use to acquire new information and build knowledge. One of more of the cognitive skills can fail to develop appropriately, regardless of the intelligence of the students. This becomes an undetectd learning problem. The students feel like there is a 'glass wall' in front of them." From: The Calvin Academy:

A Glossary of Gifted Education:
Lifeline to Gifted Resources:

Bertie  Brilliant resources from a brilliant educator.
Hoagies Gifted Education Page:
Renzulli's 3-Ring Concept:
Layered Curriculum, Kathie Nunley:
Autonomous Learner Model:
Texas Association of Gifted and Talented (TAGT)
GT World Online:
California Association for the Gifted:
National Association for Gifted Children:
Eric Clearinghouse:
Funderstanding:  Learning and Technology:
Synthesis on Giftedness in Women:
Differentiation Strategies:
Differentiation Strategies:
Gifted Development Center:
Gifted Education Press:
Self-Test for Giftedness:
Assessment Rubrics:
Critical Thinking Activities: The Center for Critical Thinking:
Gifted Material Publisher:  Prufrock Press (See Gifted Links and Blogs Tag)
Simulations Plus:
Positive Parenting:
Multiple Intelligence Theory Links:
Global Schoolhouse (Lesson Resources and Plans)
Resources for Gifted Education:
Beyond Bloom:
Learning Strategies Database:
Questioning Toolkit:
Questioning Techniques:

Additional Questioning Techniques:
More Questioning Techniques:
And Still More Questioning Techniques:
"Flowers Are Red" Poem about the Struggles of Giftedness:
ALPS Space Exploration:
Gifted Themes:
Odyssey of the Mind:
Night of the Notables:
Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth:
Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners:
Great Books Foundation
Free Spirit Press:


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