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Favorite Site: Language Translator Site:

Can Teach: Link Resources
Webspanol: Spanish Idioms, Online Test Finds Your Level
ESL Flow
Casa Notes
Let's Learn German: Hyperstudio Project
German for Travelers
ESL/EFL Resources:
Your Dictionary: See the Language Dictionaries
Songs for Teaching English
ESLHome: Online Passages & Reading Exercises
Online Directory of ESL Resources
Foreign Language Teacher Forum
Dave's ESL Cafe: By a dedicated educator
Learn Spanish: Complete with online tutorials
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab:'s ESL Resources:
ESL Partyland: Teacher Section only
ESL QuizCenter: Graded at no cost online!
National Center for ESL Literacy Education: ERIC lesson database
Everything ESL: Great Links and downloadable activities
ESL Wonderland: Teacher-Created Resources & Activities
ESL Independent Study LabLinks, download checklists
Teacher Track for Mexican Holidays
Primera Escuela
Online French:
ESL Grammar & Poetry
Kids Hub:
     Real English Interactive Conversation Videos
Around the World in 10 Classroom Activities:
 1. Click on TravLang's  Word of the Day for an A-Z  listing of words.
 2. Read the Hint of the Day at Try Dave's ESL Cafe
 3. Take an online test using song lyrics from the Beatles at Webspanol.
 4. Conduct Research on Endangered Languages at Your Dictionary.
 5. Write your name in different languages at Your Dictionary
 6. Take a German Quiz on Harry Potter at German for Travelers.
 7. Join a Moderated Teacher or Student Discussion Forum at Dave's ESL Cafe
 8. View websites in other languages at Dave's ESL Cafe, click on Pronunciation Power.
 9. Listen Online (via Real Player) to sentences and find the mistakes at  English Listening Link at's ESL Resources
10.Avoid international overspending with the Currency Convertor at ESL Games

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