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"All About Me"  Learning Center:
Students find out interesting facts about themselves:
1. Create a calendar for their birth month using software tools, Excel.
2. Create a life Timeline using Timeliner software or AutoShapes.
What the moon looked like the day students were born:
Student age in days:
Name meaning:
Last Name Meaning: 
Additional Name Links from Yahoo Search:
Find Your Hawaiian Name:
Your Age and Weight on other planets: Printable Worksheet:
Handwriting analysis:

"What's Happening" Learning Center:
1. Data recorded in an E-Journal or sent in an email to the teacher.
Created by Jim Cornish at Gander Academy:

"Virtual Field Trips" Learning Center:
1. Travel Brochure Online  Travel Brochure Template
2. Travel BudgetIntinerary
3. Travel Budget
4. Virtual Postcard
At the OOPS Site:
Field Guides:
WebCam for Kids:
General Research Learning Center:
1. PowerPoint with word lists
2. Hypertext Dictionary
3. Internet Research
The OOPS Search Page:

Ask Jeeves for Kids
Kid’s Search Tools:
Biographies Please:
Internet Picture Dictionary:
Visual Dictionary VisuWords:
Visual Thesaurus:
KidsSafe Search Engine:

Ask An Expert:
Fact Monster:
Virtual LRC:
Atomic Learning:
Literary Terms Dictionary:
Texas Information Literacy Tutorial:

Vocabulary Vitamins Learning Center:
1. Flashcards
2. Word Table

3. Hotlist
Vocabulary Builder:
Tongue Twisters:
Spelling Test:

"Computer History" Learning Center:
1. ETrading Cards
2. SlideShow
3. News Story/ News Telecast
4. Hotlist
5. PhotoStory
Computer History Activity:
The Computer History Museum Center:
Computer History:
Nerd Quiz:

"Inventors" Learning Center:
1. ETrading Cards
2. HyperText Biolog
3. Hotlist
4. Slideshow Presentation
5. PhotoStory
Inventors Museum:
American Inventors and Inventions:'s Guide to Inventors:
The Tech Museum of Innovation:
Wacky Patent of the Month:
Women Inventors:

"SAT Help" Learning Center:
1. EJournal
2. Hypertext Dictionary
3. FlashCards
4. "Word Minute" slideshow presentation
SAT Question of the Day
Cool Word of the Day
Educational Testing Services Network
Number 2, Inc. (Go to "Free Stuff" Link for sample questions)
High School Hub:

"Music and Harmony" Learning Center:
1. MP3 Collection,
2. Burned CD with samples from each
3. SlideShow with sound clips and narrated voiceover.
4. iTunes published iMix
Moguls to Mozart:
The Mozart Project:
Science of Music:
San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site:

"E-Story" Learning Center:
1. Posted Stories on the Web or in the Classroom
Post a thought starter sentence and student teams or lone writers answer the prompt and save their work. Rotating teams add character, weather element, geographic city, surprise twist, etc… to the e-story.
Wacky Tales:
Fun Brain:

"My Global Friends" Learning Center:
1. Epal Correspondence
2. SlideShow
3. HyperText Quilt
GeoNet Game:
Multicultural Scavenger Hunt:
Explore the World:

"Math Magic" Learning Center:
1. FlashCards
2. SpeedCharts
MegaMath Workbook:
Currency Converter:
Middle Grades Math Site:
Brain Teasers:
Mad Math Minutes:
OOPS Math Fun Site:
Ask Dr. Math:

"Career Search" Learning Center:
1. SlideShow
2. Job Chart
3. Spreadsheet
4. Venn Diagram
5. Hotlist
6. ETrading Card
Salary Calculator:
Job Search Engine:
Job Track:
The Monster Board:
OOPS Career Search Activities:
Peterson's College Guide:
Preparing the Resume:
Wall Street Journal's Career Section:

Other Center Ideas:K-6 Other Center Ideas:6-12
Zoo Animals: Crime Scene (
Ranger Rick’s Kid Zone: Your Sky:
Online Coloring Book
Recipes 4 Learning:
Grammar Gorillas Boo-tiful Stories:
Online Etch A Sketch
The Element Flash Card Game:
Author's Online: Brain POP:
Explorers: Weather Update Center:
American Revolution Game: Thunk:
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General Use:
Loogootee Elementary West Homepage:
Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers
Additional Learning Center Ideas:

The end result is a
Deliverable--A product the student creates which demonstrates the integration of learning.

Learning Teacher-Directed
Introduce New Skills
“Big” Picture 
Reading Aloud 
Group Work 
On Line Stories 
Spelling Words 
Math Games 
Drill & Practice 
Spreadsheet/ Graphs
Listening Skills 
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