100 Days with Technology  
  Idea Link
1 Visit an Online Zoo Click
2 Respond to a Quote of the Day Click
3 Complete an Online Software Tutorial Click
4 Find pictures at the Internet Picture Dictionary Click
5 Complete a Word Quiz Click
6 Find a History Fact of the Day Click
7 Complete a Weather Temp Check Click
8 Complete a Current Event Search Click
9 Conduct a Biography Search Click
10 View Pictures from Outer Space Click
11 Complete ESL Crossword Puzzle Click
12 View Editorial Cartoons Click
13 Find Out Who Shares Your Birthday Click
14 Take a Virtual Walk at the Cliff Walk Click
15 Read some Happy News at the Happy Newspaper Click
16 Use Quizhub to Check Your Comprehension  Click
17 Explore the Rainforest on the Lesson Plan Page Click
18 Use Online Base Ten Blocks to Make Different Numbers Click
19 Play Mastermind on this Math Web Site Click
20 Listen to Classical Music at Classical Music Archives Click
21 Create Artwork Online Click
22 Use a Thesaurus to Add Zest to Writing Click
23 View Brain Pop Movies  Click
24 Find a Treasure Chest of Ocean Facts Click
25 Print and Fold Fun Oragami Projects Click
26 Practice Language Skills by Unscrambling Stories Click
27 Continue to Practice Drawing Online and Add Captions Click  
28 Read an English Phrase and Hear It in a Second Language Click
29 Discover Fun Science Facts with Bill Nye, The Science Guy Click
30 View Faraway Places such as the Cliff Dwellings at adventurequest.org Click
31 Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle of the Water Cycle Click
32 View Postcards from Around our Country Click
33 Read about our Heroes Click
34 Visit the Symphony for a Melodious Experience Click
35 Create a Fish Online at the Online Fish Builder at Under the Sea Click
36 Use an Online Microscope to View Incredible Objects Click
37 Look up words Online and Hear their Pronunciations at m-w.com Click
38 View Online Quizzes in Social Studies at kidshub.org Click
39 Practice Calculating Gross Pay and Net Pay so you are never caught short! Click
40 Practice Smart Money Skills at "Don't Buy It" Click
41 Look at the Skyline of San Francisco with this Roof Cam Click
42 Test your Knowledge of Classic Art Masterpieces Click
43 Create a Bookmark at National Geographics.com/kids Click
44 Play Phonics Games Click
45 Take a Virtual Museum Trip Click
46 Listen to a Story Online Click
47 Go to Visual Thesaurus to find a Word Web of Meanings Click
48 Complete ab Online Typing Test and Measure Your WPM Click
49 Refine your Spanish Skills Online Click
50 Choose Which Wonderful Activities to Complete  at Jan Brett's Website Click
51 Watch Artist Jan Brett Draw Illustrations Right Before Your Eyes! Click
52 Practice Creative Writing with these Prompts Click
53 Test your Grammar Skills Click
54 Find out more about Great Books Click
55 View Geometry in Sculpture and Art Click
56 Review Basic Geometry Terms Click
57 Write a Biography at Biography Maker Click
58 Calculate your Weight in Outer Space Click
59 Create Tesselations Online Click
60 Share books at the Book Club on ePals.com Click
61 See how your Governor Discusses Politics at the Governor Letters link Click
62 Go to Web World Wonders for Virtual Field Walks Click
63 Learn about the Uniforms of Firefighters Click
64 Take a virtual field trip to Mexico at Odyssey Click
65 Complete Online Rebus Puzzles (don't peek at the answer!) Click
66 Learn about our 50 states Click
67 View Migration Patterns of Butterflies and Birds Click
68 Got Questions? Ask an expert Click
69 See how Earthquakes are Caused Click
70 View a Visual Periodic Table of Elements Click
71 Obtain an Internet "License" at this site Click
72 Complete an Online Scavenger Hunt Click
73 Access a Search Engine at your Reading Level Click
74 Determine what Plagiarism is Click
75 Create a Timeline of Events in a Novel or Historical Person's Life Click
76 Tally Survey Data at this Web site & use Excel's Chart Wizard Feature to Graph Data Click
77 Practice Math Skills using Online Flashcards  Click
78 View an Online Movie of Westward Expansion Click
79 Complete Activities for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Click
80 Elementary Students Access many games for Fun and Practice  Click
81 Complete Underground Railroad Activities using the Vocabulary Quilt Click
82 Access a Rhyming Database of Words  Click
83 Cite Sources Correctly Online Click
84 Review Computer Vocabulary Click
85 Learn the Latest about Internet Search Engines Click
86 Test your Skill with Word Games Click
87 Read about Interesting Extreme Weather Facts Click
88 Play Suduko Click
89 Read Weird Stories from Across our Country Click
90 Make a Virtual Snowflake or View a Snowflake Gallery Click
91 Increase Word Skills by Playing Online Hangman Click
92 View the Cycles in Nature Click
93 Learn about Simple Machines in this Online Tool Shed Click
94 See Live Action Panoramas Across the World Click
95 Use Physics Skills to Create an Online Roller Coaster then Test its Safety Click
96 Refine your Memory Skills Click
97 Uncover the Sweet Facts about Chocolate Click
98 Improve your Study Skills and Strategies Click
99 Learn html coding from a kid just like you! Click
100 Tour the Pyramids Virtually Click
  This page updated January 17, 2007. Originally created July 7-9, 2004 with input from the great teachers in Walton County, Florida  
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